College Doorway ID soccer camp is the perfect opportunity to build your program or to find that player that will a positive impact your team.

We offer both male and female soccer players the opportunity to show their abilities on two consecutive 4-day sessions. Whether you are in need of a large number of athletes or just searching for the right player in a specific position our ID soccer camp will be a positive experience for you.

Coaches attending College Doorway ID soccer camp receive complementary room and board for the duration of their stay along with travel assistance for those who register in advance. You will stay right on the campus, which gives the opportunity to get to know our athletes better as well as observe them perform on and off the field.

College Doorway also provides coaches with access to videos and profiles info on each player; helping match your needs with our student-athletes.

We look forward to welcome you at our 21st annual College Doorway ID Soccer Camp being held in Florida, USA. Please register in our website to gain access to more information and players insights. Feel free to contact us for additional information.

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