About Us

College Doorway creates a bridge between high school athletes and American higher education institutions. Our organization provides and excellent exposure platform for high School players and have an outstanding record of college placement experience.

College Doorway is a division of International Doorway to Education & Athletics, Corp (IDEA) that focuses only on high school students. Since 1997 IDEA has helped more than 15,000 young people committed to academic and athletic development to attain scholarship opportunities at prestigious American colleges and universities.

Hundreds of schools from all over the United States actively recruit students through College Doorway.

College Doorway is committed to carefully matching each student’s personal interests and potential with institutions that embrace and share similar values.

We prepare the path for students who are interested in taking advantage of their academic and/or athletic potential as a vehicle to obtain scholarships and improve their education.

Mission; to serve as a bridge to allow students-athletes gain exposure and use their abilities as a tool to further their education

Vision; strive to be the most effective link between students and college and universities coaches. We want to provide the best platform for individual players to gain college exposure.

Shared values; our staff of qualify professionals believes that education is the most effective tool to advance in life. College doorway is committed to professional excellence and promotes values such as integrity, determination, progress, sensitivity and success.

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